Vehicle Wrapping

Van and Car Vinyl Wraps

A vehicle wrap can cost anything from £1200 to £5000

Wrapping your vehicle is all about creating something that is both unique and bespoke. No two vehicle wraps are identical.
A vehicle wrap price depends primarily on the vehicle but also the specific wrap film you’d like to use. There is not one standard price point for a high quality, professional vehicle wrap.
If your wrapping budget is around £1,200, this can usually be achieved by omitting door handles, mirrors and sills. However at this price attention to detail won’t be the highest. The vehicle will look completely different from regular viewing distance but not if you look closely. This level is often used for budget van wraps where the purpose is purely to relay a message to potential customers and attention to detail is not paramount.
Spending £3,000 to £5,000 on a vehicle wrap takes you into the elite range. Here you can expect wrapping of the highest standard, with meticulous attention to detail. This level is better suited to car owners who expect the finished wrap to look as good as original paintwork.

If you’re looking for a vehicle wrap of high quality with reasonable attention to detail you can get a very good vehicle wrap for around £1,800.
In most cases, vehicle wrapping costs are typically somewhere between these middle and high-end figures. Starting at £1,800 you’re going to end up with an extremely well wrapped car or van. Vehicle wrap costs generally includes materials, surface preparation and labour. Finally, your vehicle would be given a quality assessment and post-clean before you receive the finished vehicle.
A vehicle wrap can last for many years if cared for correctly.

If required, artwork for printed wraps can be created tailored to your business with costs varying depending on requirements.

Vehicle wrap film should receive the same care as car paint. Regular cleaning is vital, as dirt will otherwise get impregnated into the vehicle. We recommend routine trips to a brushless car wash (with no hot wax) or wash carefully by hand.
Wrapping your vehicle can affect your insurance so please check with your insurance company before proceeding. If this is an issue, we can usually provide alternative insurance as we have Insurance companies that work with us on these projects to provide the best cover possible on your vehicle.