LED Sign for The Raven, Renfield Street, Glasgow

Illuminated LED Exterior Sign for The Raven pub in Glasgow

On this project we helped transform ‘The Bay Horse’ in Renfield Street into ‘The Raven’. This project involved a number of different skill-sets including some beautiful hand painted murals inside the premises.

On the exterior of the building we went for an LED sign incorporating built up stainless steel letters with LED bulbs inside the letters and we installed a line of white light the full length of the fascia another LED product designed to replace Neon lights. This job also required hand painted amenity boards an illuminated menu box and a vertical banner running down the side of the building.

This beautifully fitted, family friendly pub/diner is now open for business on Renfield Street Glasgow so why not pop in and savour their delicious new menu and see what you think of our hand painted murals when you’re at it.