Awnings & Canopies

Awning 2Practical and Visible

We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality canopies and awnings at the lowest possible prices. We supply both manual awnings and motorised awnings with a large choice of sizes and fabrics to suit your requirements.

The most common awning on the market is known as a monoblock awning. Monoblock awnings can be made up to 8 meters wide with a 3.5 meter projection and they can be operated manually or electronically.

All our awnings are manufactured in UK to the same high standard, regardless of whether you are a small or large business or house owner. All materials used in constructions are from UK and EU suppliers and they all undergo rigorous testing and quality control. We will never sacrifice the quality of our product for inferior ones.

Business owners can have their awning printed with their name on the awning and additional information on the trim, perfect for cafes and coffee shops.

AwningResidential Awnings

High quality awnings are not reserved solely for commercial customers. This image shows an awning fitted for a customer in Bearsden who wanted some privacy and cover over her patio areas, there is another identical awning on the back of this house giving cover to the back garden patio area. Whilst carrying out this job we discovered that the customer was having issues with flare affecting the television screen so we applied a window film to 10 large panes of glass on the roof to minimise this problem. Finally we created a bespoke name-plate for the building using a sample of the customers own handwriting and routering the sign in her own writing style.